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Dataset Code EMS_P_32
Organization Environmental Management Administration
Data Categories Others
Environmental Protection Project Categories Environmental Resource Survey and Monitoring
Sustainable Development Goals Decent Work and Economic Growth, Clean Water and Sanitation, Life on Land
Main field
Dataset provided by Soil and Groundwater Management Information Systems
Authorization Method Open Government Data License
Authorization Description Link https://data.gov.tw/license
Encoding Scheme UTF-8
Update Frequency Irregularly
Contact Name Mr. Huang
Contact Phone Number 02-2383-2389#59509
Contact Email yingliang.lin@moenv.gov.tw

Data Field Description

Column Type
organno text
new_areaname text
applydate text
managename text
organname text

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Condition 1
  • organno
  • new_areaname
  • applydate
  • managename
  • organname
  • statusname
  • refstyle
  • modify_time
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Statistical table of the annual status of cases for future reference of industrial parks

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