Website blocks and shortcut keys

This website is built according to the principles of web accessibility design. The main content of the website is divided into three sections:
1. Upper functional block, 2. Central content block, 3. Lower functional block.

The accesskey settings of this website are as follows:

Alt+U:The functional blocks above include website navigation, data catalogs, and system announcements.
Alt+S:Website search block.
Alt+C:Central content block, The main content area of this website.
Alt+Z:Bottom Feature Block

If your browser is Firefox, how to use the shortcut keys isAlt+Shift+Shortcut letter,E.g Alt+Shift+C Will jump to the central block of the page, and so on.

In addition, if you are a MAC user, how to use the shortcut keys is Control+Option+ Shortcut letter,E.g Control+Option+C Will jump to the central block of the page, and so on.

If none of the above methods are available, it is recommended to check whether there is a custom shortcut key effect.

Reference table of shortcut keys for various operating systems and browsers : Reference source
Windows Linux Mac
Firefox Alt + Shift + Shortcut letter Firefox 57 version or above Control + Option + Shortcut letter or Control + Alt + Shortcut letter
Firefox 14 version or above Control + Alt + Shortcut letter
Below Firefox 13: Control + Shortcut letter
Internet Explorer Alt + Shortcut letter
Alt + Shift + Shortcut letter
Edge no Control + Option + Shortcut letter
Control + Option + Shift + Shortcut letter
Google Chrome Alt + Shortcut letter
Safari no

※ When the item tabs of this website cannot be clicked with the mouse, you can browse the information with the following keyboard operations:

or :Press the left and right keys or the up and down keys to move the label sequence.

Tab:After staying on the label, you can useTabKey to jump to the content to browse the data, please use it when you encounter a radio button (radio) or Key to move the order of items.

Tab + Shift:press Tab + ShiftYou can skip back to the previous data; when you skip back to the label item, you can continue to use it or Key to move the label order.

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