Open Data Policy and Operating Principles

The Ministry of Environment, Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as the 'MOENV') integrates data obtained or produced within its scope of authority into open datasets, which are placed in data.moenv.gov.tw (hereinafter referred to as 'Data.Moenv') in order to promote the government's Open Data policy, simplify sharing by the public, achieve fair use of open government data, and enhance transparency of government information assets, in accordance with the Operating Principles for Open Government Data of the Executive Yuan and Its Subordinate Agencies, Open Government Data Advanced Action Plan, and Directions of Open Government Data of the National Development Council. An Application Program Interface (API) is provided for the convenience of individuals, enterprises and organizations (hereinafter referred to as the 'Users'), so that open data of the MOENV can be used to create knowledge assets and user-friendly services.

Data Services and Specifications

Data.Moenv provides all types of data for download or through API services in accordance with the Standards and Regulations for Datasets and Metadata. In principle, data are provided in the open formats JSON, XML or CSV. For detailed information and explanation by the API developer, please consult Data.Moenv's Developer Section.

User API Permissions

1. Users of Data.Moenv may enjoy the search and API services, and are welcome to offer recommendations with regard to the open datasets in About Us > Feedback.
2. RESTful API services (including website search) are only available 300 times per day for a single API.
If your usage requirements surpass the abovementioned limits, we suggest that you apply for a key and register as a member. Registration is free of charge, and you may obtain an API key valid for a year. The key may be added for RESTful API search.

API Services for Members

Membership services are oriented towards users with extensive access requirements, and once registration is completed, encompass the following:
1. API key valid for a year.
2. The key may be added to search information on the RESTful API: Services are only available 5,000 times per day for a member's single API.
3. If the member agrees to receive information regarding the platform via e-mail, the member will receive the latest notifications, such as the launch and withdrawal of datasets.
The MOENV will protect your personal privacy in accordance with Data.Moenv's Privacy Protection Statement.